Flat light, low contrast, no people............................perfect.

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Talk about cabin fever..............I've not managed any photography for several weeks, what with pressure of work, the poor weather lately, not to mention the little fact of being invited to exhibit 5 pictures at the Joe Cornish Gallery as part of the "First Light" inspired exhibition last weekend. A great honour indeed, to exhibit along side so many very talented photographers, the exhibition will run for about 4 months, but I digress. This morning I decided to head out regardless of the conditions to get my fix of the great outdoors and chose Bolehill Quarry as my destination, simply because it's a hour away and a location I'm familiar with. This turned out to be a good move on two accounts as on arrival the car park was empty..........always a good sign (I know......antisocial bugger), and as I'm familiar with this location and have shot it several times before I didn't feel under any pressure to produce any pictures. I made the most of the solitude and managed to shoot 3 different compositions, all on Fuji Velvia 50, despite the light being very flat indeed and very little sign of contrast. The first image I made I feel on reflection was a little rushed, having shot it before in really good misty light, I decided to shoot it again as a kind of comparison and feel I should have taken more time. The second composition that revealed itself to me I have also shot digitally before, although this time I chose a wider composition from a different angle, the last composition consisted of some silver birch against a rock face. All three compositions held different challenges, I experimented with asymmetric tilt on the first and last and feel that although I'm certainly not accomplished with my Chamonix yet, I'm starting to get to grips with it properly. In all three cases I decided to bracket my exposures, the first made using my spot meter reading, the second using the incident meter reading. The reason I chose to do this was the light was so flat and even I felt it would be good to experiment, increasing my knowledge and experience at the same time. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Velvia 50 dealt with the low contrast and also how it rendered the bright green moss on the millstones. _DSF7600_DSF7600

How did it turn out..............like me you'll just have to wait until the transparencies come back next week. In the meanwhile here's a ground glass view of my first composition............


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